Launch Location: Silver Palm Park. Parking is free unless you have a trailer then you do have to be a resident and buy a sticker. Since we have a kayak trailer we parked our car with its trailer on the street, which was also free.

600 East Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton, FL 33432

Parking: Parking for cars without a trailer is free and street parking is also free. We were able to park our car with its kayak trailer on the street a short walk away from the park.
Description: Gumbo Limbo is about two miles north of the launch. Beautiful, very large mansions, line the waterway and there are also mangroves to explore along the way. Boat traffic can be heavy on weekends and part of the paddle is through areas that do not have no wake restrictions so the water can get pretty rough at times.
Many different types of birds can be spotted and on this day there was an abundance of turtles. Be sure to bring bug repellent if you decide to explore the mangroves.
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Personal Notes: With all the lousy weather we have been having this winter it was refreshing to have a day with perfect weather. Actually the weather was beyond perfect and may have been the best weather that I’ve ever had the pleasure to kayak in.
This was my first time in a solo kayak in many months so I was a bit out of shape and practice. At one point on the way back, when I wasn’t paying attention, a huge wake came over my kayak in the part of the waterway with no speed restrictions. I had my scupper plugs in and my kayak completely filled with water as I struggled to stay upright. I managed to recover without capsizing, but just barely. First thing I did when I was stable again was to pull out my scupper plugs so that my kayak could drain. Having to look down while my boat was rocking left me a bit sea sick for the rest of the paddle back to the boat ramp, but it was no big deal.
Kayak Rentals Availability: No
Amenities: Clean public restrooms at the boat ramp. Restaurants and shops nearby.
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