Launch Location: There is a small sandy beach area under the Hillsboro Hwy drawbridge in the Royal Palm area that can be accessed by climbing over a small seawall.

Under the Hillsboro Hwy drawbridge in the Royal Palm area

Parking: Parking is free on a dirt parking area. Get there early as there is limited parking.
Description: We meet up with the same kayaking friend that had used a paddleboard last time we paddled together. Thankfuly this time he brought his kayak. With no real plans on what we were doing or where we were paddling we headed serendipitously north past Deerfield Island Park up the Intercoastal Waterway. What a wonderful paddle this turned out to be! Turns out that there is a party going on each weekend, when the weather is nice, on top of the underwater island that is in the middle of Lake Boca. There was someone going around the perimeter of the lake using Water Jetpack which was fascinating to watch. Boat after boat of friendly folks and even a floating restaurant that delivers. Depending on the tide and exactly where you stand the water is only a few feet deep so was a wonderful place to get into the refreshing salt water and relax. After spending a few hours there we started headed back, stopped at Deerfield Island Park to eat snacks and paddled back to the launch area.

Kayak Rentals Availability: Kayak rentals are not available at this location.
Amenities: There are public rooms in the parking area plus on the island there are public restrooms and a fresh water shower.


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