Launch Location: George English Park. There is a sandy beach launch area in the corner of the park next to the Sunrise bridge that is prefect for launching kayaks. This park also has boat ramps. If you don’t have a trailer and don’t mind a more rocky launch area you can park and launch over by the tennis courts and park for free there.

Parking: Parking at this location is pay by the hour and the machine takes cash, plastic or pay by phone. You can also park over at the tennis courts for free and either walk over to this location or launch from the tennis courts location.
Description: A friend that we normally kayak with built a wooden paddleboard (he has also built a wooden kayak) and wanted to try it out while we kayaked with him. We paddled south over to the Isles of Las Olas and did a loop around them. We were barely tired after this paddle but he said that he was struggling to keep up with us on his paddleboard and was knackered from it. I’ve personally never had any interest in paddleboarding and after this have even less interest in it.
Kayak Rentals Availability: Rentals are not provided at this location.
Amenities: There are public restrooms over at the tennis courts. A hose spigot is provided and there is a 7/11 across the street along with a shopping mall.


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