Launch Location: Crandon Park Marina at Key Biscayne. There is a sandy beach area just for kayaks away from the power boat ramps.

Parking: There is a fee for parking at the marina if you have a trailer. Cars my be free but I’m not sure. You can use cash or plastic. You also have to pay a toll on the road that leads to Key Biscayne. We were charged an extra toll amount for our trailer. The toll and parking fee came out to a bit under $25.
Description: We arrived extra early and paddled from Crandon Park Marina out to the Half Moon Preserve to snorkel the ship wreck there. We then headed back to the marina to meet up with the rest of the kayaking group and paddled out to Virginia Key for Jimbo’s 84th birthday bash. We also beached our kayaks on a few of the sandy beaches around the bay for some quiet time and to do some exploring.
Kayak Rentals Availability: Rentals are not available at this location but there are places on the island that rent kayaks.
Amenities: Public restrooms, restaurants and a marina store.
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