Launch Location: Watson Island rocky area at the West end of the parking lot at the boat ramp.

Miami, FL 33132

Description: The Watson Island boat ramp is probably not the best place to launch a kayak from but it is an easy paddle out to Flagler Monument Island. You need to be mindful of boat traffic and jet skis when heading out. In addition to Flagler Monument Island there are numerous picnic islands in the bay that you can paddle to.
Personal Notes: After some hassle from the boat ramp’s security attendant about using the boat ramp we launched from the rocky area at the West end of the parking lot instead of using the boat ramp. We paddled over to Flagler Monument Island where we checked out the monument and ate snacks while cooling in the water.
We then headed north to the Isola di Lolando ruins and briefly did a little snorkeling. Water was really full of silt, despite the water being calm.

From there we headed over to Pace Picnic Island to relax in on the sandy shore and cool off.
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Fees: $10 for 24 hours with pay by phone seemed to be the only option.

Kayak Rentals Availability: No
Amenities: Restrooms, boat ramp, picnic tables, 24 hour security.