Launch Location: Robbie’s in Islamorada at the 77.5 mile marker.

Personal Notes: We bought our snorkel gear with and headed East under the bridge out the Indian Key which is a short paddle of about one mile from the launch area. At first we tried beaching our kayaks on the West side of the island but discovered that you will get stuck knee deep in the muck. We then tried going to the East side of the island but that side of the island is covered in sharp eroded lime stone. Finally we used the dock located on the South side of the island which turned out to be very easy to use. While we were on the East side of the island we also did some shallow water snorkeling.

Fees: None if you have your own kayak. There was a sign saying something about a beach launch fee but no one seemed to know anything about it.
Description: Indian Key was briefly inhabited in the middle of the 19th century, but is now an uninhabited ghost town. There are some ruins and plaques around the island marking spots of historical significance and telling the history of the island.
Kayak Rentals Availability: Yes
Amenities: Food, fresh water showers, souvenir shops, kayak rentals, charters and more.

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