Launch Location: After entering River Bend Park, drive past the kayak/canoe rentals to Picnic Island. There is a very nice sandy launch area here with parking nearby.

Personal Notes: We had a blast. This was a kayaking adventure that was different than anything we had done before. There are a couple of small damns that you can kayak over. Going over the first one was so much fun that we did it multiple times. The second damn is a bit larger and we would have gone over that one too but it was very crowded with people swimming in the falls on this day.

We thought that the return trip going upstream would be a lot more difficult than it was but surprisingly going against the current is not hard at all. The only difficult part of the trip was maneuvering around the twists and turns of the river. It is very easy to capsize by hitting a submersed log in the water. We were both very glad that we rigged our kayaks with thigh straps for this trip.

Download Kayaking Track For Use In Google Earth
Fees: Park admission is free so if you have your own kayak there are no fees.
Description: After paddling downstream on the Loxahatchee River from River Bend Park you go under the Indiantown Road bridge and enter the Cypress Canopy with lots of wildlife along the way. There is a small damn that you can paddle over or use the ramp to carry your kayak around it. Most people turn around at the second larger damn and paddle back. The river has lots of sharp turns and one needs to be on a constant lookout for submerged logs and other hazards.
Kayak Rentals Availability: Yes, located in the park at Canoe Outfitters Of Florida.
Amenities: Not much. There are some port-a-potties around the park. Over by the kayak/canoe rental trailer there is a hose on a well that has water that smells of sulfur but at least gets the mud washed off.

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