Launch Location: Boat ramp inside of John U. Lloyd Beach State Park.

Personal Notes: We launched from this location intending to go manatee watching at the FPL water inlet but were chased away by the Boward County Sheriff who told us that this is a restricted area. Instead, we paddled south along the Intercoastal Waterway to the south entrance of Whiskey Creek. We never did get to see any manatees, which was a bit of a disappointment, but we really enjoyed our adventure along Whiskey Creek, portaging and all.
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Fees: $6 per car plus a $9 boat ramp fee. There is trailer parking at the boat ramp.

You don’t have to pay a boat ramp fee if you launch from the beach area that is a bit south of the boat ramp. If you decide to use the beach launch area be advised that you will have to transport your kayak 800 ft. from the parking lot to the water. There is no trailer parking for beach launches.

Description: The Whiskey Creek paddle is a scenic paddle through the mangroves with very little boat traffic. There is, however, very low flying and loud commercial jets taking off and landing at the nearby airport.

If we had planned on paddling Whiskey Creek we would have checked the tides before going but as this was an unplanned serendipitous paddle we found ourselves on Whiskey Creek at low tide so we had to portage our kayaks through parts of the creek in water only a few inches deep.

Kayak Rentals Availability: There are rentals available at the park’s concession stand but as of this date the concession stand is temporarily closed.

Amenities: Public restrooms, soda machines, food at the concession stand (concession stand is temporarily closed as of this date).

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