Launch Location: Holland Park in Hollywood. The park is located at the entrance to the Intercoastal Water Way and the South entrance to Westlake. There is a floating dock for launching kayaks and canoes with a separate ramp for power boats.

Parking: Parking is by the hour or day and the meters take cash, plastic or pay by phone. Parking lot can get pretty full on weekends, especially if you have a trailer, so it is best to get there early.
Description: This was a Kayaking Meetup get together. This day was more about sharing kayaking knowledge than actually paddling although sharing proper paddling techniques was a large part of this Meetup. It was a fun group of people, everything from beginners to seasoned paddlers. The group stayed close to the launch location as people practiced getting in and out of their kayaks while in deep water. After the Meetup ended some of us wanted to get in some more paddling so we got back in our kayaks and paddled around the mangroves before paddling over to a restaurant and getting a bite to eat.

Kayak Rentals Availability: Rentals are not normally available at this location however on this day All American Kayak brought rentals to the Meetup for those that had prearranged for them.
Amenities: There are primitive public restrooms in the park.

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