Launch Location: Westlake Park in Hollywood. There is a gravel boat ramp here plus a floating dock in the park for launching kayaks and canoes. The ramp can be slippery due to algae growing on it so it is best to wear water shoes.

Parking: Parking is free once you are in the park. There is a limited amount of trailer parking near the boat ramp.
Description: There are many mangrove trails in the park with guide markers that will lead you out to the lake. Many different types of birds can be spotted in the mangroves. Also look for the crabs that live amongst the roots of the mangrove trees. You will often see fish jumping out of the water.
Kayak Rentals Availability: Rentals are provided by the park.
Amenities: There are public restrooms in the park. There are also restrooms and a nature center at the Anne Kolb Nature Center that is about a half hour paddle going north.
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