Launch Location: There is a small sandy beach area under the Hillsboro Hwy drawbridge in the Royal Palm area that can be accessed by climbing over a small seawall.

Under the Hillsboro Hwy drawbridge in the Royal Palm area

Personal Notes: We had hoped to paddle out the inlet and head north another few miles in order to snorkel at Red Reef Park. After going out the inlet it was apparent that the ocean had become too rough to snorkel so we surfed the waves a bit in our kayaks and then headed back in the inlet to Lake Boca. Spent a few hours relaxing on the submerged sandbar that is in the middle of Lake Boca. The usual gathering of people had already started forming by noon but we had to head back due to afternoon obligations.
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Fees: Parking is free on a dirt parking area. Get there early as there is limited parking.

Description: It’s a short paddle of two miles from the launch area out the inlet to the ocean. Once out in the ocean you can relax on the beach or paddle about another mile north where there are artificial reefs teaming with life.

Kayak Rentals Availability: Rentals are not available at this location.

Amenities: There are restroom at the launch area and on the weekends that are floating restaurants in Lake Boca.

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