Launch Location: George English Park. There are two launch points in this park. There is a very nice sand beach at the corner of Sunrise Blvd and the Middle River with trailer parking and a flat rocky beach near the Tennis Center toward the north side of the park with free parking. This park also has boat ramps.

Personal Notes: We learned a long time, the hard way, never to kayak with a hatch out and always have everything secured. This paddle was a reminder of why you should always have all the hatches closed and everything secured.
We meet up with a very nice couple that said they were experienced kayakers. All four of us went out for an urban late day paddle. They were in our tandem kayak. After we stopped to rest on the submerged sandbar at the mouth of New River at the Intercoastal Waterway we didn’t noticed that they had taken the center hatch out and not secured it back in. On our way back their kayak flipped. Christy did a rescue before the kayak completely sank but not before their fishing gear, some clothes and the kayak’s center hatch was forever lost in the Intercostal waterway. Kayak was about a third full or water when we finally got it out on dry land.
Ordered a new hatch, should be here in about a week. Just happy that only replaceable stuff was lots and everyone is ok. In the future going to have to pay more attention when we loan a kayak.
Other than almost losing a kayak and some gear it was an excellent paddle.
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Fees: Parking at this location is pay by the hour and the machine takes cash, plastic or pay by phone. You can also park over at the tennis courts for free and either walk over to this location or launch from the tennis courts location.
Description: This is an urban paddle with lots to see. On sunny days you can usually find shade. This trip tends to have flat water, currents up to about 2MPH under some bridges, and can sometimes have brisk winds. If you stick to the back canals there is very little boat traffic but on the main waterways there is considerable boat traffic.
Kayak Rentals Availability: Rentals are not provided at this location.
Amenities: There are public restrooms over at the tennis courts. A hose spigot is provided and there is a 7/11 across the street along with a shopping mall.

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