Launch Location: Lake Worth Lagoon. On Southern Blvd. there is a small parking area right after the drawbridge when you are heading east with a small sandy beach to launch from.

Personal Notes: This was our first time kayaking at this location. At first it looked to be just another Intercoastal paddle while looking at the mansions of the rich. We were pleasantly surprised when we found a trail leading into a patch of mangroves with an abundance of wildlife with more vultures than I’ve ever seen in one spot. We stopped to relax on the sandy beaches on a few of the islands. It made for a very relaxing day of kayaking.
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Fees: None, parking is free. I’ve been told that signs that say two hour limit are just there in case there are any problems or complaints. We parked our car with its kayak trailer for five hours without getting a ticket.
Description:I’m told that this area has been used for years by fishermen and kayakers. It is an urban area with a lagoon and small islands of mangroves with kayak trails going through them. Large beautiful mansions line the east side of the lagoon. Once in the mangroves there are kayak trails with an abundance of wildlife.
Kayak Rentals Availability: No
Amenities: There are no facilities, just free parking and a small sandy beach to launch from. There is an LA Fitness about 15 minutes away on the corner of Okeechobee Blvd. and Military Trail. We took advantage of being members and used the gym’s showers to get cleaned up.

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