Launch Location: J. Dewey Hawkins Landing Boat Ramp also called Cherry Creek Ramp.

Fees: None

Personal Notes: We launched from this location due to it being so close to Cherry creek. Somehow we managed to time it perfect so that we rode the tide coming in the whole length of Cherry creek and then rode the tide out on the way back.
The tide was unusually high on this day and we had to lay down on our kayaks in order to get under one of the bridges. I was surprised at how clear the water was, due to wearing polarized sunglasses, and could see to the bottom of the creek in many places. There were lots of fish to see both underwater and jumping out of the water.
About halfway along Cherry creek we spotted a small park that was easy to pull our kayaks up to. Got out and stretched our lags and took a picture of the park’s entrance sign. Found out the name of this park is Cherry Creek Park.
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Description: Cherry creek is a short urban paddle that opens up into two lakes with very little boat traffic other than other kayak or canoe paddlers.

This boat launch has a special kayak launch area with rollers that you place your kayak on next to the regular boat ramp. There is enough parking for three trailers plus more parking for cars without trailers. Cherry creek is a short paddle east of the ramp in an urban location with very low bridges to navigate under. It’s best to go at high tide or you may find yourself portaging your boat over oyster beds.

Kayak Rentals Availability: Rentals are not available at this location.
Amenities: A picnic table and a trash can is about it. The kayak launch with rollers is very nice though.

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