Launch Location: Silver Palm Park boat ramp in Boca Raton.

Boat Ramp

Parking: Unless you are a Boca resident you can’t park in this park’s boat ramp section. We were forced to find street parking a short distance away. We probably won’t use the ramp again due to the parking issues.
Description: This paddle was organized by the Gone Kayaking Meetup group. Gone Kayaking will bring a rental kayak if prearranged. On this paddle there were both experienced kayakers and first time kayakers. We paddled south through Lake Boca and then continued out through the inlet into the ocean where we did a little snorkeling, beached our kayaks and ate snacks that we brought with us.
Kayak Rentals Availability: Kayak rentals are not available here.
Amenities: Public restrooms and a hose spigot.

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