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Kayaking Up and Down Loxahatchee River Again

Launch Location: After entering River Bend Park, drive past the kayak/canoe rentals to Picnic Island. There is a very nice sandy launch area here with parking nearby.

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Personal Notes: We just did this paddle a few weeks ago but decided to do it again for a couple of reason. The river is unusually swollen due to all the rain we have been getting, making for a great paddle. Plus we really wanted to get some kayaking in but due to high winds the ocean has had six to eight foot waves and it was even too windy to enjoy paddling on the waterways.
This time we also went over the second damn which turned out to be no big deal and actually the first damn is more fun to go over.
The return trip going against the current was a bit more challenging this time as the current was stronger and really tended to grab your kayak, turning it the wrong way. If you are in a sit-on-top kayak, thigh straps really help.
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Fees: Park admission is free so if you have your own kayak no fees are required.
Description: After paddling downstream on the Loxahatchee River from River Bend Park, you go under the Indiantown Road bridge and enter the Cypress Canopy with lots of wildlife along the way. There is a small damn that you can paddle over or use the ramp to carry your kayak around it. Most people turn around at the second larger damn and paddle back. The river has lots of sharp turns and one needs to be on a constant lookout for submersed logs and other hazards.
Kayak Rentals Availability: Yes, located in the park at Canoe Outfitters Of Florida.
Amenities: Not much. There are some port-a-potties around the park. Over by the kayak/canoe rental trailer there is a hose on a well that has water that smells of sulfur but at least gets the mud washed off.
There is an LA Fitness five minutes south of the park on PGA Boulevard. We took advantage of being members and used the gym’s showers to get cleaned up rather than spending an hour or so driving covered in river mud.
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  1. Keri Foster October 15, 2012 at 4:14 pm - Reply

    Your pictures of Loxahatchee are gorgeous. Reddit brought me here and I’m loving your Florida kayaking travels.

    • TzTerri October 15, 2012 at 4:27 pm - Reply

      Thank you.

      This blog really is a labor of love. :)

  2. greg October 16, 2012 at 9:28 am - Reply

    enjoyed the video.wish i could’a made it. an alternate but MUCH longer route is from burt reynolds park into and up the river .i suggest a gps and or map the first time oupsysst

    • TzTerri October 16, 2012 at 11:31 am - Reply

      That would be much, much longer of a route. Paddling back upstream from the second damn back to our launch point was difficult enough.

      We were thinking leave your truck at Jonathan Dickinson State Park and all three of us launch from Loxahatchee Riverbend Park and then ride the river back to Jonathan Dickinson State Park where we could use your truck to transport our kayaks back to Loxahatchee Riverbend Park. The park offers this service but charges $50 per kayak.

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