Launch Location: While there is a place to launch closer to Peanut Island but we launch from Phil Foster Park as it has parking for trailers.

Parking: Parking is free unless you have a trailer. Daily trailer parking passes are $10.65 and are cash only.
Description: It’s a short paddle to Peanut Island. If you have snorkel gear with you it is worth taking a side trip and paddling out the inlet to the ocean and snorkeling the south ocean side of the inlet jetty. The end of the year party on Peanut Island is hosted by Tri-County Adventures Meetup but kayaking around Peanut Island is always a bit of a party.
Kayak Rentals Availability: There are no rentals available at this location. There are kayak rentals at the Riviera Marina which is very close by.
Amenities:┬áThere are public restrooms at Phil Foster Park. There are also restrooms, fresh water showers and a snack shop on Peanut Island. Plus you can take a tour of Presidents Kennedy’s bomb shelter on Peanut Island. Also, there are floating restaurants in the harbor on the west side of Peanut Island.
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