Launch Location: In front of Lifeguard Station 7 Deerfield Beach

Fees: Parking meters take coins, bring lots of them.


Personal Notes: Christy’s car is in the shop and her car has the hitch so not having a way to transport our kayaks today seemed like a good day to try renting a couple of surf kayaks.
Unfortunately for me there was a lack of communication so only one kayak was brought to this location and it was too small for me but worked well for Christy. I did try using it anyway but being way too tall for it I wasn’t able to stay upright. After falling off it a bunch of times and ending up exhausted I opted to stay on the beach and just shoot video of Christy.



Description: GoneKayaking offers Introduction to Surf Kayaking on the weekends at this location depending on water conditions.


Kayak Rentals Availability: GoneKayaking will bring kayaks to this location. See their Meetup page for more information.


Amenities: Public restrooms and fresh water showers.