Launch Location: Colohatchee Boat Ramp

Parking: This is a very small location with only a handful of tailer parking spaces and around a dozen regular parking spaces. Parking is free and use of the ramp is free.
Description: Wilton Manors is an island in the middle of a city surrounded by a waterway loop. There is very little boat activity and the water is usually calm even on windy days. It’s a nice urban paddle with lots of stuff to look at along the way like iguanas, turtles, ducks, fish jumping out of the water and if you get really lucky you may spot a manatee. On this day we timed it so that we went with the tide most of the way which made for a relaxing paddle. There are many places along the way to stop and rest. On this day we stopped at a little park on the north side of the island called Island Park to take shelter from the storm that moved. We ate snacks there that we had brought with us and also were able to use the restrooms there.
Kayak Rentals Availability: Rentals are not available at this location but on the weekends Atlantic Coast Kayak has a kiosk at Richardson Park which is less than a mile away from this location.
Amenities: Public restrooms and a soda vending machine.

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